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  • There, but for Grace…

    There, but for Grace…

    What a beautiful Sunday afternoon in March–so many options for a great day. I could go hiking, watch a sporting event outdoors, maybe do some yard work in the bright sunshine. A day like that, when it’s still technically winter, calls for making the most of it. So, what did I choose? None of the above. […]

  • Tennessee: The State of UT

    Tennessee: The State of UT

    My relationship with the University of Tennessee began when I was 9 years old. UT’s White County Extension agent, Linda Koger, walked into my 4th grade classroom for the first time and enrolled me in the 4-H club, along with the 20 or so other kids in my class. I can’t speak for the rest […]

  • And the winner is…

    And the winner is…

    In case you didn’t know — hello, Oscars! — it’s award season. As the rich and famous celebrated their noteworthy accomplishments, I was reminded of an accomplishment just as noteworthy to a team neither rich nor famous but who won big for Outstanding Achievement in a Labor of Love. OK, that may not be a real […]

  • Ladies Night

    Ladies Night

    Newspaper people. What can you say about them? They work hard. Crazy hours (see, especially, “sports” or “election night”). Weekends. Holidays. Regardless of the weather and, sometimes, because of the weather. They care about the truth. They comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. They uphold democracy by holding government accountable. What they can’t do […]

  • Hello, 2018!

    Hello, 2018!

    PUBLISHED: Jan. 1, 2018 I am fortunate to have been blessed with two grandmothers who lived well into my adulthood. In our family, each was called “granny”–a good ol’ Scottish appellation of Appalachia. Unfortunately, my paternal grandmother, Ruby Stafford, died in 2010. Followed by my last surviving grandparent, Allie Cantrell, who died in 2014. The […]

  • Turning The Calendar

    I’m going to be blogging in 2018, starting with a 2017 Year in Review.

  • 2018: I Resolve to Blog

    Look out, y’all! I’m going to blog in 2018, beginning with my 2017 year in review: Turning The Calendar