5 thoughts on “Democracy in Action”

  1. Enjoyed being one of those former journalists in your Post watch party. Excellent movie. And being more than a tad older than you, I was very much around and engaged at the time of the Pentagon Papers. As a bona fide Barry Goldwater conservative republican (Today’s Tea Party Crazies make Goldwater look like George McGovern), I figured Daniel Ellsberg was surely a radical communist! My how time and history mellow–and clarify– reality. But I agree that watching the movie–with the copy being marked up with fat pencils and stuffed into a pneumatic tube for the trip to the composing room–brought back sweet memories from my days at The Tennessean in 1963. Reminds us that whether we agree with the coverage or not, the Press in its original concept is absolutely critical to societal survival.

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    1. Amen.
      The only downside to watching The Post was realizing that kind of true-blue, dogged-pursuit-of-truth journalism is an endangered species. I know what it means to have that tough job, and to be despised for it. People who still do are heroes in my mind.
      I just hope endangered doesn’t become extinct.


  2. Your comments certainly resonate with me. Everything from reading the paper as child to loving Walter Cronkite to “that’s how I met my husband”. Jerry and I saw the movie yesterday and left the theater hoping that it will remind everyone that a free press is critical to democracy.

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