‘Twas the Night After Christmas

We’ve had ourselves a merry little Christmas.

Just the right size after another fast-paced, busy year. Not to mention we just celebrated Christmas with my family on Sunday, and three weeks earlier, we did Thanksgiving up right. Here at home.

We went to our first Christmas Eve church service here in Chattanooga last night. It not only felt right, it felt like a turning point. Like when we were finally ready for Christmas church in Chattanooga, we finally had a place to go. We haven’t come close to a decision on a congregation to join, but at least there are a couple of places we feel familiar and good about going.

And the church service we attended last night was just right–lessons and carols–wonderful to hear and sing along with them.

To me, there’s nothing as special as going to bed on Christmas Eve following time spent in Luke reviewing how the Light of the world came to be in the world to change the future of the world.

I hope your Christmas brought you some of what is most special and meaningful to you, too.


‘Twas the night after Christmas,

Bellies full–make that fat,

Not a creature was stirring,

Not even one cat.

With I in my gym pants,

and Bill in his sweats,

We settled right in

To watch movies and rest.

The day started late,

After plenty of sleep,

An extravagant breakfast,

And small gifts to keep.

Bill gave socks, tights and earrings,

Just as I’d asked,

And for him I had boxers,

A warm scarf and warm hat.

All year we’ve been gifting

Ourselves through our house.

Nothing else really needed,

Not a shoe, book or blouse.

The kitties got treats, 

As we did from our neighbors.

We took a long walk,

The weather all in our favor.

There were calls and messages

From family all day,

And on social media friends and loved ones

Had plenty to say.

We didn’t go to a gathering,

Just kept to ourselves.

It’s been a Merry Little Christmas

And a Joyous Noel.


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