Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by.

Whether you’re new here or a return visitor, my apologies up front for the long amount of time since I last wrote a new post. That one was at the beginning of 2020…followed in just a few weeks by the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Responding to the new and rapidly evolving circumstances at my workplace was all-consuming, and there wasn’t much let-up in 2021. The year just ended also brought a variety of unexpected challenges, and I’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to resume a more regular and frequent practice of blogging in 2022.

So thank you again for visiting, and watch this space for a new and full-length blog post to catch you up soon on some of what’s been happening in my corner of the world.

Happy and healthiest of new years to you in 2022!


2 responses to “Hello and Welcome!”

  1. Happy New Year, Gina. So good to hear from you. 2021 was a wild ride indeed. Looking forward to 2022 and more word from the Porch Gang! Thanks, Woody ________________________________

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  2. Hope this year is a good year for all of the Back Porch gang! Good health and God’s blessings!

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