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  • Hello and Welcome!

    Hello and Welcome!

    Thank you for stopping by. Whether you’re new here or a return visitor, my apologies up front for the long amount of time since I last wrote a new post. That one was at the beginning of 2020…followed in just a few weeks by the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Responding to the […]

  • Auld Lang Syne to the Good Times

    Auld Lang Syne to the Good Times

    In a few hours and with a flip of the calendar, it’ll be 2020. Just like that, we’re already closing the door on the first 20 years of the 21st century. And don’t look now, but here comes a leap year, an Olympics year and another election year. I won’t necessarily leap; I definitely won’t […]

  • 100 Years Ago Today

    100 Years Ago Today

      Allie Johnson was born 100 years ago today in a very rural part of Middle Tennessee. Her birthplace was near Center Hill Lake, only the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wouldn’t build Center Hill Dam and create that lake until 1948, 30 years after she was born in 1918. While Allie was her name, […]

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