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  • Chatta-versary


    Time flies. On this date in 2018, Bill, I, three cats and all our worldly belongings headed for our new life in Chattanooga. Our stressful, action-packed, 28-day sprint through the worlds of home-buying and home-selling would come to a close by sunset. Not a minute too soon. We began the day in 2018 with one […]

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Welcome to the Neighborhood

    It’s been about six weeks since Bill and I moved to Chattanooga and our house in the suburb of Hixson, but it seems longer. I expect anyone who’s ever moved their entire, long-established household to another city to take a new job in that city understands. I don’t mean it seems long in a bad […]

  • Thanks for the Memories

    Thanks for the Memories

    Ever spent 24 consecutive years in the same house? My husband and I just did–the house we moved into when we came home from our honeymoon. We sold it in June and moved to Chattanooga, which we are loving, by the way. Moving forces you to purge. The prospect of hauling stuff to a new […]

  • Moving Right Along

    Moving Right Along

    Knoxville, Tennessee stopped being my home on June 1, almost 26 years to the day since I moved there. Leaving was a little bit scary, a whole lot stressful, and very exciting. My entire professional working life had been spent in Knoxville, but a fantastic new opportunity that I am immensely grateful for was waiting […]

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