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  • Last of a Long Goodbye

    Last of a Long Goodbye

    Mary Arthur Anderson would have turned 91 years old on August 31, had she not passed away this year on Easter Sunday. She was the first of five siblings that include Bill, of which he is second-to-last born. His younger sister, Hazel, and he are the two surviving siblings. Mary was a faithful wife of […]

  • Silver Celebration

    Silver Celebration

    Twenty-five years of marriage isn’t just a milestone, it’s a cause for celebration. And on our 25th anniversary last month, we celebrated in the most perfect way possible–for us. Not a party. Not a cruise. Not expensive gifts or travel to an exotic location. You might say we went “ranching.” Over the last four or […]

  • And the winner is…

    And the winner is…

    In case you didn’t know — hello, Oscars! — it’s award season. As the rich and famous celebrated their noteworthy accomplishments, I was reminded of an accomplishment just as noteworthy to a team neither rich nor famous but who won big for Outstanding Achievement in a Labor of Love.¬†OK, that may not be a real […]

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